27 Sep. 2018

USAID CSO Sustainability Report 2017 Published

The Central and Eastern Europe and Eurasia CSO Sustainability Index has been assesing the development and progress of civil society organizations for over 20 years in 24 countries in the region. The latest release presents the developments of 2017, taking into account the internal and external environment of the civil sector and the characteristics of its operation in terms of legal environment,...

24 Sep. 2018

Democratic backsliding and civil society response in Hungary

Since 2010, under the government of the right-conservative Fidesz party, Hungary has experienced a serious backsliding in democracy and the rule of law, raising European and international concern. In its striving to achieve boundless power, the government has systematically dismantled the institutions of checks and balances, through such means as limiting the competences of the Constitutional...

1 Sep. 2018

Our New Program: Civil Map

With our initiative launched in early autumn, we aim at helping the strengthening and development of the CSO sector through the expansion of regional civil cooperation and networks.

25 Jun. 2018

Opinion on the proposal of the European Commission “Regulation establishing the Rights and Values programme”

22 June 2018 - On 30 May 2018 the European Commission published a draft proposal for a Regulation on the “Rights and Values Programme” as part of the Multiannual Financial Framework for 2021-2027.

4 Jun. 2018

Spectacular Action on Kossuth Square Against the Law Threatening Civil Activists with Imprisonment

The government has submitted a third version of the "Stop Soros" law package to Parliament without any consultation; the draft would use criminal law as a weapon against human rights defenders.

21 Apr. 2018

We Are the Majority 2.0!

"... Strong civil society will only be reality if many work on it - offering their energy, time and money..."

17 Apr. 2018

Civil Prize 2018

NIOK Foundation awarded the Civil Prize to recognize and promote the best CSOs and the most successful projects in Hungary in 2018 again.

10 Apr. 2018

Alternatives for Nuclear Power Evaluation Meeting in Prague

This year Central and South Eastern European NGOs participating in the Nuclear Risk and Public Control project discussed the new challenges regarding nuclear energy and elaborated their work plans for the next year in Prague.

6 Apr. 2018

Greenbelt Program Results

In 2018, a total of 21 civic initiatives and condominium communities received support in the framework of the MOL Green Belt Program. Thanks to this, 15 community parks, 5 green condominium yards and 1 community garden were created.