28 Sep. 2017

Visit of Ökotárs's Founders

Retired leaders of the German Marshall Fund and the Rockefeller Brothers Fund, two organisations instrumental in the creation of Ökotárs revisited Central Europe after many years meeting the staff in Budapest, too.

22 Sep. 2017

Stockholm Civil Society Days

The Swedish organization Kvinna til Kvinna (Women to Women) invited the director of Ökotárs to participate at the traditional Stockholm Civil Society Days, where she presented the situation and the issues of Hungarian civil society at several panels and workshops.

5 Sep. 2017

Complaint to the Constitutional Court challenging the constitutionality of the stigmatizing „foreign funded” law

Budapest, 30 August 2017 - 23 Hungarian civil society organizations working together in the Civilization campaign submitted a joint motion (complaint) to the Constitutional Court on Monday, challenging the constitutionality of the stigmatizing „foreign funded” law.

30 Aug. 2017

23 CSOs' Complaint to the Constitutional Court

23 of the civil society organizations cooperating in the Civilisation campaign including Ökotárs submitted a joint motion (complaint) to the Constitutional Court at the end of August against the law stigmatising CSOs as in the present political atmosphere the notion...

12 Jul. 2017

We Did Not Register - Did Not Take the Label

Following the example of other CSOs, Autonomia Foundation, the Civil College Foundation, the Rights Reporter Foundation, and Ökotárs decided not to register under the law on "foreign-funded organizations", and did not take the label - announced the 4 organizations in a joint statement.

3 Jul. 2017

More than 40 Trees Nominated in the Tree of the Year Contest

Ökotárs has been organizing the contest since 2010. Every year, individual trees and groups of trees that are especially important for the surrounding community for some reason can be nominated to the competition. The aim of the contest is to raise awareness to the role of the trees in our lives and in nature.

30 Jun. 2017

Community-Organizing-Leadership Successes

The twelve communities participating in Ökotárs' newest program closed the first year of their joint work in June.

13 Jun. 2017

NGOs: We’re here to stay and to continue our work

On Tuesday, 13 June, after two postponed votes, the Hungarian Parliament adopted the Law on the Transparency of Foreign Funded Organisations. The community of civil society organisations united in the Civilizáció campaign continue to believe that the law is unnecessary, stigmatising and harmful.

29 May. 2017

Civilisation Picnic in front of the Parliament

With a picnic, titled the "Heroes' Veto II" about a thousand people demonstrated against the planned change of the law on civil organizations.