17 Apr. 2018

Civil Prize 2018

NIOK Foundation awarded the Civil Prize to recognize and promote the best CSOs and the most successful projects in Hungary in 2018 again.

10 Apr. 2018

Alternatives for Nuclear Power Evaluation Meeting in Prague

This year Central and South Eastern European NGOs participating in the Nuclear Risk and Public Control project discussed the new challenges regarding nuclear energy and elaborated their work plans for the next year in Prague.

6 Apr. 2018

Greenbelt Program Results

In 2018, a total of 21 civic initiatives and condominium communities received support in the framework of the MOL Green Belt Program. Thanks to this, 15 community parks, 5 green condominium yards and 1 community garden were created.

29 Mar. 2018

For the Fourth Time - Grant Program in Cooperation with Tesco and the Hungarian Donors' Forum

Experts of Ökotárs participated again in the managing and evaluation of Tesco's "You choose, we help" community grant program.

23 Mar. 2018

Civil Meetings in Pécs and Debrecen

Following the 2017 autumn tour and on the occasion of the Week of Citizen Participation, Ökotárs organized further local meetings in two cities, with the aim to present best practices of effective civic skills with the help of representatives of experienced organizations, such as fundraising, advocacy, and network development.

21 Mar. 2018

The European Tree of the Year in 2018 is the Whistler Cork Oak Tree from Portugal

Only the nominees of Portugal, Spain, and Russia finished the competition ahead of Zengővárkony's survivor, the sweet chestnut in the European Year Tree competition in 2018.

9 Mar. 2018

Our Community Organizing Work Continues in 8 Settlements

Launched in 2016, the Community-Organizing-Leadership program continued in 2018, too. Following the evaluation of the call for proposals at the beginning of the year, Ökotárs supported the efforts of local women community organizers and community groups in 8 cities and villages to make their settlements more liveable.

7 Mar. 2018

The Roadshow Continues in Miskolc

Encouraged by the success and popularity of the 5-stop birthday roadshow in the previous year Ökotárs - along with many other civil society organizations - continued the series of events in 2018 by visiting new cities.

15 Feb. 2018

Communication Training for Rural CSOs has been Completed

Starting in autumn 2017, Ökotárs has organized a half-year long training and mentoring program to improve the local and regional visibility and awareness of 25 CSOs in five major countryside cities.