16 Nov. 2018

Environmental Partnership Association Annual Meeting in Budapest

In 2018 Ökotárs hosted its Polish, Czech, Slovak, Romanian and Bulgarian sister foundations, members of the Environmental Partnership Association and their most important partners.

29 Oct. 2018

Presenting the LIFE Tree Check Project

In partnership with our Czech sister organization, Nadace Partnerství, we have received a grant from the EU LIFE program for a joint project which aims at reducing the impact of urban heat islands.

18 Oct. 2018

The Almond Tree of the Snowy Hill in Pécs is the Hungarian Tree of the Year in 2018

At the online voting starting at the end of July, the Almond Tree of the Snowy Hill in Pécs won the Tree of the Year competition with a total of 4779 votes, over a thousand votes ahead the second contestant.

10 Oct. 2018

Crowdfunding for the Community-Organizing-Leadership Program

The first community fundraising campaign in Ökotárs's history was launched in October on the Adjukössze! (Donate!) page. Until the end of the campaign on December 10, 455,000 forints were donated by 20 supporters. Donations will be spent on the...

28 Sep. 2018

21th Edition of the Civil Society Organization Sustainability Index (CSOSI) for Central and Eastern Europe and Eurasia released

The 2017 edition of the CSO Sustainability Index of Central and Eastern Europe and Eurasia was published by the United States International Development Office, USAID. The report is prepared in cooperation with local experts and organizations each year. In compiling the chapter on Hungary the Ökotárs Foundation was the partner of USAID again.

27 Sep. 2018

USAID CSO Sustainability Report 2017 Published

The Central and Eastern Europe and Eurasia CSO Sustainability Index has been assesing the development and progress of civil society organizations for over 20 years in 24 countries in the region. The latest release presents the developments of 2017, taking into account the internal and external environment of the civil sector and the characteristics of its operation in terms of legal environment,...

24 Sep. 2018

Democratic backsliding and civil society response in Hungary

Since 2010, under the government of the right-conservative Fidesz party, Hungary has experienced a serious backsliding in democracy and the rule of law, raising European and international concern. In its striving to achieve boundless power, the government has systematically dismantled the institutions of checks and balances, through such means as limiting the competences of the Constitutional...

1 Sep. 2018

Our New Program: Civil Map

With our initiative launched in early autumn, we aim at helping the strengthening and development of the CSO sector through the expansion of regional civil cooperation and networks.

25 Jun. 2018

Opinion on the proposal of the European Commission “Regulation establishing the Rights and Values programme”

22 June 2018 - On 30 May 2018 the European Commission published a draft proposal for a Regulation on the “Rights and Values Programme” as part of the Multiannual Financial Framework for 2021-2027.