18 Oct. 2019

The Freedom Tree in Kaposvár is the Tree of the Year in 2019

The results of online voting which started in July were revealed at the award ceremony held in the Magnet House in Budapest.

13 Oct. 2019

Communities' Autumn – before and after the local elections

All the communities supported by the Community-Organizing-Leadership program worked actively to ensure that candidates who have no program and are not familiar to the voters would not run for elections.

30 Sep. 2019

Community-Organizing-Leadership Program - regional networks and leadership training

In 2019, we continued our Community-Organizing-Leadership program with a larger and more enthusiastic community organizing team than ever before.

11 Sep. 2019

Survey on the Civil Information Centers

The network of 20 county Civil Information Centers (CIC), selected by the minister responsible for civil society relation has been operating for more than 5 years in 2019, but there was little tangible information available about their efficiency and results.

1 Jul. 2019

Tree of the Year Voting 2019

The professional jury of the contest selected 14 of the nominees to the shortlist of the Tree of the Year competition, one of which was to be chosen by the public as the Tree of the Year 2019 in Hungary and can take part at the European competition in February 2020.

21 Jun. 2019

Community Organizers Working Countrywide Meet

This year again we held a joint meeting for the community organizers and participants of our Community-Organizing-Leadership program and other ones run by the Civil College Foundation. During the two-day meeting and training, 25 communities shared their experience with community problems and their successes, and learned new tools of the community organization methodology.

4 Jun. 2019

CSOs for the Freedom of Science - Communication from Civilisation

"The development and simple survival of a democratic society requires scientific research that is independent of political influence, as well as a diverse and prosperous civil society. Scientific results and information provide the basis for making decisions that are in the interest of all of us, for creating strategies and directions for progress. This is especially important today, when...

3 Jun. 2019

National Meeting of Environmental and Nature Conservation Organizations – programs in Ökotárs

The 29th National Gathering of Environmental and Nature Conservation Organizations was held in Budapest between May 31 and June 2, 2019. This year the large-scale event was organized in an extraordinary way, together by the community of green CSOs. Ökotárs also took part in the work: among other things, we hosted a workshop on "Urban Green Areas and Communities" in our office on Friday afternoon.

27 May. 2019

Civil Map: Call for Applications – local/regional networks

Following the successful two-day kick-off training course involving 16 local CSOs, Ökotárs and its partners - Autonomia, Civil College and Carpathian Foundations - launched a small-scale grant call for local CSOs and informal citizen groups outside Budapest to implement joint campaigns on issues defined together, to organize in order to solve the problems experienced in their micro-region as...