14 Dec. 2020

Community-Organizing-Leadership annual evaluation meeting

The coronavirus pandemic has created a new, uncomfortable situation in the lives of partner communities in the Community-Organizing-Leadership program - but which was turned into advantage.

11 Dec. 2020

Released: Second Wave - CSO good practices in the coronavirus pandemic

Hungarian society and its institutions were unprepared for the new coronavirus pandemic and the restrictions imposed in mid-March 2020. This was particularly true for the already disadvantaged areas and groups, such as marginalised Roma villages and regions, the elderly, the homeless, the people living with disabilities and their families, and those in certain professions, such as in the cultural...

24 Nov. 2020

We became member of ECON

The decades-long history of the European Community Organizing Network (ECON) is about finding its way. About finding ways to most effectively support people, community organizers and community leaders who are fighting for social justice to build a more equitable society. At its annual general assembly, the organisation elected Ökotárs as a new member...

20 Nov. 2020

Second Wave - Grant decision

The call attracted great interest, by the deadline of 28 September a total of 93 applications were received from all over the country, both from local small communities and national organizations. The grant committee of Ökotárs found a total of 19 applications to be eligible for supportfrom the budget allocated for this purpose, and placed four more on the reserve list.

19 Nov. 2020

Abolishing the Equal Treatment Authority and transferring its tasks to the Ombudsperson may further weaken human rights protection in Hungary

Together with the Civilizstion coalition, Ökotárs also protested against merging the Equal Treatment Authority into the office of the Ombudsperson, as this violates the enforcement of equal treatment requirements.

4 Nov. 2020

Adapterra Awards

Our Czech sister foundation's Adapterrra Award recognizes well-functioning initiatives that help European countries adapt to climate change.

27 Oct. 2020

Autumn Civil Map events

Organisations supported in the Civil Map project visited the Open Spaces initiative in two virtual study tours.

15 Oct. 2020

The-Judas-Tree-on-the-Church-Hill-of-Melykut-(Hung">The Judas Tree on the church hill of Mélykút is the Tree of the Year in Hungary

The Judas tree of Mélykút village won the contest this year with 5091 votes.

22 Sep. 2020

Our new project: ’Reclaim Our Civil Space!’

The new project, which brings together 8 countries and 10 partners, aims to act in defense of democratic values ​​and to combat the years of decline in civil society in Central and South-Eastern Europe.