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By supporting community initiatives, the Hungarian Environmental Partnership Foundation aims at contributing to the development of a democratic, sustainable and equitable society and an institutional system based on citizen participation.

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Through its newest program, Ökotárs aims at contributing to the revitalization of civic community life in the countryside.

Greenways are trails or natural corridors used in harmony with their environmental function and potential for sport, tourism and recreation. They improve possibilities for transportation, recreation and tourism, and encourage a healthier lifestyle and sustainable use of local resources.

The overall objective of the Hungarian NGO Fund was “strengthened civil society development and enhanced contribution to social justice, democracy and sustainable development” (in Hungary). 

Switzerland supported new EU members states in various projects to reduce the economic and social disparities in an enlarged EU.

Civil Partner program aims to develop non-profit leglislation to create a friendly and predictable environment where non-governmental organizations can work safely and easily. In cooperation with civil experts we do reserach, analyses and studies. ( aim to provide accurate and authoritative information in plain language about hazardous (or so believed) chemicals occurring in our everyday environment.

We are searching for the most lovable tree, a tree with a story that can bring the community together. Ökotárs organizes the Hungarian Tree of the Year contest since 2010.

Green Belt Program supports small communities to create and develop green spaces with community functions in their neighborhood.


20 Dec. 2017

135 civil society organisations stand up for their peers working for local communities and for a peaceful Hungary

19 December 2018 - Following the steps of the Hungarian government, during the past week elected local representatives in several Hungarian cities launched attacks on Hungarian civil society organisations (CSOs), working for the benefit of communities and the Hungarian society, questioning their credibility and compromising their operations. We, 135 Hungarian CSOs, providing support to widest...

5 Sep. 2017

Complaint to the Constitutional Court challenging the constitutionality of the stigmatizing „foreign funded” law

Budapest, 30 August 2017 - 23 Hungarian civil society organizations working together in the Civilization campaign submitted a joint motion (complaint) to the Constitutional Court on Monday, challenging the constitutionality of the stigmatizing „foreign funded” law.

13 Jun. 2017

NGOs: We’re here to stay and to continue our work

On Tuesday, 13 June, after two postponed votes, the Hungarian Parliament adopted the Law on the Transparency of Foreign Funded Organisations. The community of civil society organisations united in the Civilizáció campaign continue to believe that the law is unnecessary, stigmatising and harmful.

26 Apr. 2017

It doesn’t go without NGOs - the Hungarian society needs the civil society organizations

Copying the Russian template, during recent year the Hungarian government has attempted to stigmatize and vilify Hungarian NGOs. The new draft law on the transparency of organizations funded from abroad now debated in the Parliament is a next step in this direction, suppressing debate, eventually every contrary opinion.

5 Dec. 2016

On the way to community organizing

In the last 25 years Ökotárs Foundation has continuously monitored the situation of NGOs and the communities behind them and was shaping its own grant programs and those it has managed according to these experiences – as far as it was possible.

5 Oct. 2016

The Good Grantmaking Guide published

The foundations making up the Environmental Partnerhsip Association each have more than 15 years of experience in providing small grant support to civil society and community organizations. They now collected and synthetized their knowhow in this booklet outlining the key elements and cornerstones of a well-working and efficient open grant mechanism. This practical guide may be of interest for...

17 Jun. 2016

Results of the Community-Organizing-Leadership Program selection committee meeting

To the call for proposal of the Community-Organizing-Leadership Program, which was launched in March 2016, altogether 34 eligible applications were submitted.

10 Nov. 2015

Growing Gap in Civil Society Sustainability in the Region

USAID Releases the 18th Edition of the Civil Society Organization Sustainability Index (CSOSI) for Central and Eastern Europe and Eurasia

Supported projectsNéhány az Ökotárs által támogatott pályázatok közül

YearProgramOrganizationCityDescriptionGrant amount
1994Grant programTisza KlubSzolnok

Support for a group working to protect the Tisza River and the Big Plains of Northern Hungary together with the local government. Third time support enables them to publish brochures on local environmental problems, hold environmental competitions for youth and adults and expand membership.

100 000 EUR
2005Grant programKerecsen Természetvédelmi és Turisztikai EgyesületBecsehely

The association focuses on natural heritage protection and biodiversity conservation. They collect data about the countryside, and it is extremely important to keep these updated to provide accurate information if needed. HEPF supported the association with a laptop, by the help of which they...

250 000 EUR
2006Grant programPécsi Zöld KörPécs

The civil forums are part of the regional development institutional system, working along the regional development committees. The Green Club aims at organizing them into a network to enhance their efficiency.

300 000 EUR
2015EEA/Norway NGO FundHeroes of Responsible Dining FoundationBudapest

The project addressed sustainability obstacles of the catering and event industry based on the assumption that, although its openness is increasing, greening is largely obstructed by lack of information both in case of potential measures or legal restrictions. For this, the project has covered...

19 015 EUR
2013EEA/Norway NGO FundAssociation for the Villages of ZalaZalaegerszeg

The flame of the spirit lamp brought light and warmth into the last century villages, and it is still an important surviving tool for travelers. Spiritusz program is also a tool that means light, hope and maybe also survive. Its aim is to strengthen creative people and communities who are able...

128 056 EUR