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By supporting community initiatives, the Hungarian Environmental Partnership Foundation aims at contributing to the development of a democratic, sustainable and equitable society and an institutional system based on citizen participation.

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We analyzing, evaluating and supporting the activities of CSOs and community groups (e.g. voter mobilization, election monitoring) around the local and national elections.

We broadening the grassroots basis and constituency of civil society, facilitating cross-border cooperation and developing together the outlines of a comprehensive European civil society policy.

Our goal is to map and meet those, primarily local organizations, groups and communities („newbies”) which so far have not been active outside their direct environs, have not participated in the broader „circulation”.

Through its community organizing program, Ökotárs aims at contributing to the revitalization of civic community life in the countryside.

Aims to develop non-profit leglislation to create a friendly and predictable environment where non-governmental organizations can work safely and easily. In cooperation with civil experts we do reserach, analyses and studies.

Anyone can nominate their favourite tree to the annual contest. Besides we support community tree planting, the creation and rehabilitation of green spaces.

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Together with our partners we support cities in Central Europe to effectively adapt to and mitigate the impacts of climate change.


15 Dec. 2021

The need for a comprehensive European civil society strategy

According to the Blue Book[1] describing the priority sectors and programme areas of the 2014-22 period “Support from the EEA and Norway Grants to civil society reflects a firm recognition of the sector’s role as a fundamental building block of democratic governance, human rights and social cohesion across Europe.  (…) Civil society organisations (CSOs) mobilise participation in civic...

15 Dec. 2021

EU Social Economy Action Plan opens a new chapter for philanthropy

The European Commission released its Social Economy Action Plan on 9 December, which recognises the important role of foundations and other social economy actors in offering concrete and innovative solutions to key challenges we are facing and their key role to rebuild after the crises. For Philanthropy Europe Association (Philea), a convergence of Dafne and EFC, this marks a moment of...

20 Oct. 2021

UPR statement on civil society and human rights in Hungary by Ökotárs

STATEMENT UPR Pre-session on


Geneva, 6-7 October 2021

Delivered by: Ökotárs – Hungarian Environmental Partnership Foundation


1. Presentation of the Organisation

12 Oct. 2021

Civil society and elections: experience from around Europe and Hungary

4 November 2021, online

Most countries of Central Europe are in a political turmoil in one way or another. In some one government crisis follows another, in others potentially decisive elections are coming up soon. Naturally, these developments have an impact on civil society, as citizen groups, organisations and movements realise they need to participate and have their say in...

22 Jun. 2021

Workshop for active citizens

Ökotárs and With the Power of Humanity Foundations held the first cross-sectoral workshop in the framework of their joint project with Civil College and the Hungarian Civil Liberties Union on June 11 in Pécs with the title ’Civils, media and elections’. The event, the first one organized in live, in-person format after a long time, was attended by journalists of local, national and Central...

22 Apr. 2021

Retraction of the LexNGO: important step, but more is needed

Ten months after the ruling of the European Court of Justice, the Hungarian government finally moves to repeal the LexNGO. This is an important development for affected civil society organisations (CSOs) as it ends 4 years of unnecessary and damaging stigmatisation.

11 Mar. 2021

The European Civic Forum responded to the European Commission Rule of Law consultation

The European Civic Forum responded to the European Commission Rule of Law consultation (see attachment). They covered 12 EU countries and proposed a methodology to structure civic space issues inside the RoL report. Feel free to share it and...

31 Dec. 2020

The Green Belt Program supported several settlements this year too

Our popular Green Belt program, although on a smaller scale for a few years now, has been running unbroken for more than a decade, currently with the support of the American company Greenprint.

14 Dec. 2020

Community-Organizing-Leadership annual evaluation meeting

The coronavirus pandemic has created a new, uncomfortable situation in the lives of partner communities in the Community-Organizing-Leadership program - but which was turned into advantage.

Supported projectsList of the projects supported by Ökotárs

YearProgramOrganizationCityDescriptionGrant amount
2005Grant programKarancs-Medves Természetvédelmi AlapítványSalgótarján

The Sóshartyáni Hencse mountain has an extremely great population of butterflies, an incomparably remarkable fauna and flora. Participants of the program cleared waste and try to prohibit further pollution of the area with the involvement of local citizens and school children.

383 EUR
2005Grant programCivil Rádiózásért AlapítványBudapest

The foundation runs the Civic Radio, a community station where special programs dealing with environmental and social issues are becoming more and more articulated. The editors of the radio are starting a new series about the collection of electronic waste. They invite and interview decision...

638 EUR
2013EEA/Norway NGO FundEuropean Roma Cultural Foundation - ERCFBudapest

Gallery8- Roma Contemporary Art Space aims to serve the Roma talents, artists and creative individuals by establishing a space for contemporary art production, collaboration, presentation and interpretation in order to ensure that Roma artists become part of the international contemporary art...

9 942 EUR
2013EEA/Norway NGO FundAssociation of Conscious ConsumersBudapest

The main goal of the project was to realize an already developed business plan of a membership based discount card that can recruit new supporting members for the association and can increase the share of its independent financial resources. This tool had been chosen and developed to stay in...

5 038 EUR
2013EEA/Norway NGO FundThe Eger Foundation of the Fund to Support the PoorEger

Our main goal is to empower (especially Roma) people living in deep poverty by using our knowledge, experiences. We strengthen their skills and provide for them methods, tools. In this process they will be able to represent their interests, organize their community. They will establish and...

132 319 EUR