30 Oct. 2019

„You Choose We Help” Call for Applications

In 2019, Tesco launched its "You Choose We Help" program to support local communities for the seventh time.

25 Oct. 2019

22nd Edition of the Civil Society Organization Sustainability Index (CSOSI) for Central and Eastern Europe and Eurasia released

The 2018 edition of the CSO Sustainability Index of Central and Eastern Europe and Eurasia was published by the United States International Development Office, USAID. The report is prepared in cooperation with local experts and organizations each year. In compiling the chapter on Hungary the Ökotárs Foundation was the partner of USAID again.

21 Oct. 2019

Sustaining Civil Society: Lessons from Five Pooled Funds in Eastern Europe

After 1990, US and European foundations and government agencies invested in a series of Partnerships and Trusts to support civil society in Central and Eastern Europe, the Baltics, the Balkans and the Black Sea regions. Analyzing the long-term impact of these investments is crucial, especially as many politicians across these regions increase their anti-civil...

18 Oct. 2019

The Freedom Tree in Kaposvár is the Tree of the Year in 2019

The results of online voting which started in July were revealed at the award ceremony held in the Magnet House in Budapest.

13 Oct. 2019

Communities' Autumn – before and after the local elections

All the communities supported by the Community-Organizing-Leadership program worked actively to ensure that candidates who have no program and are not familiar to the voters would not run for elections.

30 Sep. 2019

Community-Organizing-Leadership Program - regional networks and leadership training

In 2019, we continued our Community-Organizing-Leadership program with a larger and more enthusiastic community organizing team than ever before.

11 Sep. 2019

Survey on the Civil Information Centers

The network of 20 county Civil Information Centers (CIC), selected by the minister responsible for civil society relation has been operating for more than 5 years in 2019, but there was little tangible information available about their efficiency and results.

1 Jul. 2019

Tree of the Year Voting 2019

The professional jury of the contest selected 14 of the nominees to the shortlist of the Tree of the Year competition, one of which was to be chosen by the public as the Tree of the Year 2019 in Hungary and can take part at the European competition in February 2020.

21 Jun. 2019

Community Organizers Working Countrywide Meet

This year again we held a joint meeting for the community organizers and participants of our Community-Organizing-Leadership program and other ones run by the Civil College Foundation. During the two-day meeting and training, 25 communities shared their experience with community problems and their successes, and learned new tools of the community organization methodology.