27 May. 2020

An open letter from Civilization on wage subsidies for CSOs

At the initiative of the Civilization coalition, dozens of organizations asked the Minister of Innovation and Technology, László Palkovics in a joint open letter at the end of May to extend the wage subsidy (furlough) system introduced in response to the crisis caused by the pandemic to CSOs as originally intended.

29 Apr. 2020

We cooperate! - Ökotárs took part in the Civilisation's campaign

Members of the Civilization coalition launched a campaign "We cooperate!" to show what initiatives and actions are being taken by civil socety to help those who found themselves in difficult situations due to the emergency, and how they have reorganised their work so that they do not let down those who receive even less attention during the...

24 Apr. 2020

CSOs must be able to act in response to social emergencies - open letter

We call on the European Commission to pay attention, in all the initiatives it takes, to including the CSOs in order to give them the place they deserve. This concerns in particular:

1 Apr. 2020

Ariadne questionaire about women's role in communities

The Ariadne workshop was created in collaboration with and upon the initiative of four organizations - Inspi-ration Association, All-In-One Association, Eco-Community of Nyim and Ökotárs - to help solve leadership problems in our communities, including women's participation. As a first step in the project, we examined the (leading) role of women in small communities by an online questionnaire...

21 Mar. 2020

A Czech Scots pine has become the European Tree of the European Year

Trees from 16 countries competed against each other in 2020 in the European Tree of the Year contest, collecting a total of more than 285,000 votes in February. The Czech Scots pine, the Guardian of the Flooded Village, won the European Tree of the Year title in 2020 pocketing 47,226 votes in the contest, far outstripping its...

25 Feb. 2020

Important Allies - Why Does the EU Need to Do More for Civil Society?

At times of democratic backsliding and the rise of populism, civil society organisations are important allies of the European institutions, as they play a vital role in the promotion and application of universal and European values.

24 Feb. 2020

Seven out of ten Hungarians would support CSOs - finds new study on Hungarian civil society

A new study, commissioned by Civilisation coalition and Political Capital broughts more detailed, and in some way unexpected results. Although there are unclarities as to what civil society comprises of, more than one tenth of the respondents (or someone they directly know) has already received help from a civil society organisation (CSO). Conversely, many people are ready to help CSOs:...

28 Nov. 2019

Regional Workshops in the Czech Republic and Slovakia

In the framework of the joint regional project of Ökotárs and its sister foundations, we organised trainings on civil advocacy, communication and civic activism for CSOs of 6 Central European countries during the spring, then summarized the experience in regional workshops, where we also discussed the ...

20 Nov. 2019

Leadership of Budapest is Open to the Proposals of Civilization

CSOs of the Civilisation coalition welcomed the words of Mayor Gergely Karácsony and Deputy Mayor Gábor Kerpel-Fronius at the reception held in the City Hall, offering partnership on behalf of the Metropolitan Municipality to those active in the civil sector in Budapest.