7 Jan. 2010

Real Civic Partnership Prize

Civil organisations are welcome to nominate local governments and regional administrative institutions which are maintaining outstanding partnerships with non-governmental organisations. More info in Hungarian

7 Jan. 2010

Changes in the life of the foundation

At its annual session on the 20th of February, the Board of Trustees - besides other issues - have decided about the management of the foundation too. Zsuzsa Foltányi, director of the foundation over the last 15 years, resigned due to private reasons.

15 Dec. 2009

Support from the American International School of Budapest

The American International School of Budapest chose Ökotárs to be the beneficiary of their annual fundraising action in 2009. The students collected more than 200 000 Forint s during the Blue Ribbon Week and from the sales of a theater show by "The Terrible Umbilical Brothers".

15 Dec. 2009

Green Area Program

EPSD and MOL-group have announced joint program to support the creation, improvement and rehabiltation of green public spaces in Hungary, Slovakia, Romania. The offer was open to all organisations planning to rehabilitate at least 1,500 square metres of continuous green belt, providing at least 50 people are involved in the venture.