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By supporting community initiatives, the Hungarian Environmental Partnership Foundation aims at contributing to the development of a democratic, sustainable and equitable society and an institutional system based on citizen participation.

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Through its newest program, Ökotárs aims at contributing to the revitalization of civic community life in the countryside.

Greenways are trails or natural corridors used in harmony with their environmental function and potential for sport, tourism and recreation. They improve possibilities for transportation, recreation and tourism, and encourage a healthier lifestyle and sustainable use of local resources.

The overall objective of the Hungarian NGO Fund is “strengthened civil society development and enhanced contribution to social justice, democracy and sustainable development” (in Hungary). 

Switzerland supports new EU members states in various projects to reduce the economic and social disparities in an enlarged EU.

Civil Partner program aims to develop non-profit leglislation to create a friendly and predictable environment where non-governmental organizations can work safely and easily. In cooperation with civil experts we do reserach, analyses and studies. ( aim to provide accurate and authoritative information in plain language about hazardous (or so believed) chemicals occurring in our everyday environment.

We are searching for the most lovable tree, a tree with a story that can bring the community together. Ökotárs organizes the Hungarian Tree of the Year contest since 2010.

Green Belt Program supports small communities to create and develop green spaces with community functions in their neighborhood.


5 Dec. 2016

On the way to community organizing

In the last 25 years Ökotárs Foundation has continuously monitored the situation of NGOs and the communities behind them and was shaping its own grant programs and those it has managed according to these experiences – as far as it was possible.

5 Oct. 2016

The Good Grantmaking Guide published

The foundations making up the Environmental Partnerhsip Association each have more than 15 years of experience in providing small grant support to civil society and community organizations. They now collected and synthetized their knowhow in this booklet outlining the key elements and cornerstones of a well-working and efficient open grant mechanism. This practical guide may be of interest for...

17 Jun. 2016

Results of the Community-Organizing-Leadership Program selection committee meeting

To the call for proposal of the Community-Organizing-Leadership Program, which was launched in March 2016, altogether 34 eligible applications were submitted.

10 Nov. 2015

Growing Gap in Civil Society Sustainability in the Region

USAID Releases the 18th Edition of the Civil Society Organization Sustainability Index (CSOSI) for Central and Eastern Europe and Eurasia

22 Oct. 2015

Ökotárs welcomes the decision of the tax authority

Ökotárs Foundation welcomes the decision of the  National Tax and Customs Administration to close the year-long investigation in the absence of crime related to the EEA/Norwegian NGO Programme against the foundation and 17 of supported associations and foundations by it.

19 Oct. 2015

Statement: the Prime Minister's Office is not telling the truth

Contrary to the Prime Minister's Office's announcement, the Constitutional Court's five-member council have not decided on the 5th of October 2015 whether the investigation of the Government Control Office (GCO) regarding the EEA/Norwegian NGO Programme was legal or not. The Court examined only the availability or absence of an effective legal remedy against the process and decision of the GCO...

9 Sep. 2015

Annual report 2014

2014 was the year of challanges for Ökotárs, but in retrospect, a year later we can say without any doubt that we passed the test. We successfully continued operating the EEA/Norwegian NGO Programme and the Swiss-Hungarian NGO Block Grant and Scholarship Fund as well as all our other programs worked as usual. In our Annual Report you can...

Móra Veronika az Ökotárs igazgatója és Barack Obama
7 Sep. 2015

EEA/Norwegian NGO Fund: we keep on working!

It will be exactly one year tomorrow, on September 8, since the police has illegally raided the offices of Ökotárs, its partners and the homes of its staff members thus bringing the dastardly crusade against NGOs to the maximum. Despite the indignifying series of attacks, Ökotárs and its partners have kept and keep on doing their jobs, including the operation of the EEA/Norwegian NGO Fund.

Supported projectsNéhány az Ökotárs által támogatott pályázatok közül

YearProgramOrganizationCityDescriptionGrant amount
2009EEA/Norway NGO FundÖkorégió Alapítvány a Fenntartható FejlődésértZalaegerszeg

The project creates an exemplary co-operation between an environmental and a social organization for improving the quality and standard of life for disadvantaged groups by teaching and promoting an ecological way of life among them. As a result, they will be able to experience a higher quality...

18 960 EUR
2010Green BeltLovakért és Lovaglásért AlapítványBudapestA LOLOK a tétényi Duna-parton egy nem épített, de rendezett, gyalogosok, kerékpárosok, kutyasétáltatók, egészségügyi sétát tevők és lovasok által használható séta- és túrautat kialakítására kapott támogatást. A terület hullámtéren található, ezért a tavaszi zöld ár és a nyári esőzések idején...1 746 EUR
2009EEA/Norway NGO FundDél-alföldi Teleházak Regionális Közhasznú EgyesületeSzeged

The project aims at developing the competencies of people working as a "community developers". Though the process they will learn to implement special methods for mobilizing of people, especially the youth in the small villages of Csongrád county. After the project, participants will be able...

24 964 EUR
2010Green BeltKerka-völgye Baráti Kör EgyesületLovásziA kulturális egyesület Lovászi belterületén az önkormányzat által elkezdett területrendezési munkák folytatásával közparkot szeretne kialakítani. Alapítványunk növények ültetésére és gyep telepítésére adott támogatást.749 EUR
2008Green BeltNimfea Természetvédelmi EgyesületTúrkeve

The association aimed at restoring a seven acre big park forest. The volunteers of the organisation cleaned up the forest and than covered the soil with vegetation and lawn. Thus the recultivated area became a proper community place - for this function the association made a bench, a rain...

502 EUR