17 May. 2017

New Grant Program in Cooperation with Tesco and the Hungarian Donors' Forum

Tesco's "You choose, we help" community grant program has been launched for the third time in cooperation with the Hungarian Donors Forum and the Ökotárs.

4 May. 2017

Workshop Organized by the EU Fundamental Rights Agency

The director of Ökotárs participated as an expert at the workshop organized by the EU Fundamental Rights Agency to discuss the preliminary findings of the agency's - since then published - report on the state and the challenges of civil society in the Union.

2 May. 2017

Civil Prize 2017

After 2016, NIOK Foundation again awarded the Civil Prize to acknowledge and promote the most successful Hungarian civil society organizations and their projects. The director of Ökotárs contributed to the evaluation of candidates as a member of the expert jury.

26 Apr. 2017

It doesn’t go without NGOs - the Hungarian society needs the civil society organizations

Copying the Russian template, during recent year the Hungarian government has attempted to stigmatize and vilify Hungarian NGOs. The new draft law on the transparency of organizations funded from abroad now debated in the Parliament is a next step in this direction, suppressing debate, eventually every contrary opinion.

25 Apr. 2017

Civilisation in the Parliament

Together with many other civil society organizations, Ökotárs participated at the session of the Parliament's Justice Committee, expressing our protest against the law on "foreign-funded organizations" with a silent demonstration and a press conference.

24 Apr. 2017

Alternatives for Nuclear Power Evaluation Meeting in Linz

Central and Southeastern European civil society organizations participating in the joint Nuclear Risk and Public Control project met in Linz (Austria) this year to discuss regional challenges related to the use of nuclear energy and to develop their work plan for the year.

17 Apr. 2017

Community Fund in Cooperation with Tesco and the Hungarian Donors' Forum

For the second time this year, Ökotárs experts participated in the management of Tesco's small grant announced "You choose, we help".

12 Apr. 2017

Heroes' Square: Civil Heart - We’re Here to Stay to Make it Possible for Others to StayToo

"The bill submitted to the parliament is misleading, disingenuous and hypocritical. It is misleading because civic organizations are already a hundred times more transparent than any government procurement process. It is disingenuous because it serves only one purpose: to stigmatize and expel organizations that dare raise their voices and who do not accept the fact that things are going in the...

7 Apr. 2017

Closing Conference of the EEA/Norwegian NGO Programme

The two-day event in the European Youth Center in Budapest was the final act of the more than four-year long program, and consisted of a "Hungarian" and an "international" day.