Ariadne questionaire about women's role in communities

The Ariadne workshop was created in collaboration with and upon the initiative of four organizations - Inspi-ration Association, All-In-One Association, Eco-Community of Nyim and Ökotárs - to help solve leadership problems in our communities, including women's participation. As a first step in the project, we examined the (leading) role of women in small communities by an online questionnaire. In just a few weeks, nearly 70 evaluable responses were received. According to these, respondents see female community members as less competitive, more cooperative, but stressed because while they can easily build trust, they need more time and better proove themselves to gain (leadership) authority compared to men, especially where the traditional roles are stronger. In addition, many times, besides their money-making work, women are involved in household, parenting and family responsibilities, leaving little energy to play a more active role in a community. More about the events of Ariadne: