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By supporting community initiatives, the Hungarian Environmental Partnership Foundation aims at contributing to the development of a democratic, sustainable and equitable society and an institutional system based on citizen participation.

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Civil Society and Elections

We analyzing, evaluating and supporting the activities of CSOs and community groups (e.g. voter mobilization, election monitoring) around the local and national elections.

Reclaim our Civil Space!

We broadening the grassroots basis and constituency of civil society, facilitating cross-border cooperation and developing together the outlines of a comprehensive European civil society policy.

Civil Map

Our goal is to map and meet those, primarily local organizations, groups and communities („newbies”) which so far have not been active outside their direct environs, have not participated in the broader „circulation”.


Through its community organizing program, Ökotárs aims at contributing to the revitalization of civic community life in the countryside.

Civil Partner

Aims to develop non-profit leglislation to create a friendly and predictable environment where non-governmental organizations can work safely and easily. In cooperation with civil experts we do reserach, analyses and studies.

Tree of the Year and tree planting

Anyone can nominate their favourite tree to the annual contest. Besides we support community tree planting, the creation and rehabilitation of green spaces.

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LIFE TreeCheck.... so the city doesn't burn!

Together with our partners we support cities in Central Europe to effectively adapt to and mitigate the impacts of climate change.

Foltányi Zsuzsa - „FoZsu” emlékösztöndíj

Foltányi Zsuzsa, az alapítvány első “alapító” igazgatója, majd élete végéig az alapítvány stratégiai tanácsadója, a kuratórium, illetve az adományi bizottság tagja, a magyarországi civil környezetvédelmi mozgalom és a  fenntarthatósági törekvések egyik legmeghatározóbb személyisége.


Emléke és munkássága előtt tisztelegve 2024-ben emlékösztöndíjat alapítottunk azzal a céllal, hogy ösztönözzük és támogassuk azokat a kiváló egyetemi hallgatókat, akik a környezettudományokhoz kapcsolódó területeken tanulnak és aktív szerepet vállalnak a fenntarthatóság és a környezet védelmének népszerűsítésében. Az ösztöndíj célja hozzásegíteni a díjazottakat ahhoz, hogy pozitív hatást gyakoroljanak a környezetre, éppúgy, mint ahogy Foltányi Zsuzsa tette élete során.


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Eredményhirdetés - 2024


8 Mar. 2024

Free Media Grant Program

26 January 2024 - Following the approval of the supporting US Embassy in Budapest, the decision on the applications received for the first call for proposals has been made by Mérték Media Monitor and the Ökotárs Foundation.

8 Mar. 2024

Free Media Grant Program

The Mérték Media Monitor and the Ökotárs-Hungarian Environmental Partnership Foundation (hereinafter jointly referred to as Mérték and Ökotárs), with the support of the Embassy of the United States of America in Budapest, Hungary, are pleased to announce a call for proposals to support national and local independent media in Hungary with the goal to protect and strengthen press freedom, with...

17 Jan. 2024

Hungarian CSOs contribute to the European Commission’s 2024 Rule of Law Report

Ökotárs Foundation is contributing to the European Commission’s annual Rule of Law Report in coordination with other Hungarian human rights and anti-corruption CSOs.

Supported projectsList of the projects supported by Ökotárs

YearProgramOrganizationCityDescriptionGrant amount
2019Alternatives to nuclear energyEnergia Klub Szakpolitikai Intézet és Módszertani Központ EgyesületBudapest

Increasing the knowledge of Hungarian people about the dangers and controversies of the use of nuclear energy with a special focus of the impacts of climate change on the nuclear industry with creating a case study and organizing a workshop.

Increasing public awareness of radioactive...

10 186 EUR
2015EEA/Norway NGO FundJournalists of Eger AssociationEger

Mainstream press has recently been including a lot of intolerant, racist, anti-Semitic and homophobic utterances (and these continue all the time) hence positive models, examples are needed. The aim of the project was to strengthen and to support anti-hate-speech behaviours and inclusive...

4 829 EUR
2007Tisza ProgramBorsodi Mezőség Gazdakör EgyesületMezőcsát

The database about the rural lands of Borsod Mezőség will serve the planning processes of rural development programs. It will be available to development managers and cooperating local actors.

1 594 EUR
2023Our Common Values - In PartnershipMagyar Leszbikus, Meleg, Biszexuális és Transznemű SzövetségBudapest

LGBTQI people and their allies more and more often become the targets of negative legal changes and public discourse. The initiative will empower affected people, their parents and family members, and build a community, respectively. The alliance will organise various events, workshops and...

59 988 EUR
2007Tisza ProgramBuka LajosBiharugra

The land owned by Lajos Buka falls under the Natura 2000 conservation areas and is surrounded by the territories of the Körös-Maros National Park. In order to keep the biodiversity of these places, pasturing is the ideal conservation method. Thus the farmer received support to extend his sheep...

2 774 EUR