Contributions of Hungarian CSOs to the European Comission’s Rule of Law Report 2023

The contributions included in the present document on the rule of law in Hungary were submitted to the European Commission in the framework of the targeted stakeholder consultation the European Commission launched in relation to its 2023 Annual Rule of Law Report. The document follows the structure and applies the headings and numbering of the European Commission’s stakeholder consultation survey.

The present document is an edited compilation of the contributions of the following Hungarian civil society organisations (CSOs):

The contributing organisations submitted their contributions separately, therefore, some individual submissions may at certain points diverge from this compilation. The above civil society organisations bear responsibility solely for the content of those chapters where they are indicated as authors. For further information regarding the issues covered, please contact the respective organisations indicated as authors at the beginning of each chapter.

Manuscript closed: 18 January 2023.

Download the report here.