Civil society and parliamentary elections in Hungary 2022

Evaluation and European outlook

Almost two months after the decisive general elections at the beginning of April, it is time to take stock of what happened, to look at the European context and discuss next steps. This conference will be the closing event of a 2-year long project managed byÖkotárs in partnership with Hungarian Civil Liberties Union, Civil College and Power of Humanity Foundation aimed at building the capacities of Hungarian civil society organisations (CSOs engaged in activities and campaigns around elections, both locally and nationally. Within this framework we conducted surveys, held trainings and workshops, developed online and visual tools.

The two-day conference was organizing with a double goal in mind:(1) to evaluate Hungarian CSOs activities, successes and failuresaround the elections and the project itself, and (2) to provide an international outlook, discuss experience around Europe and potential cooperation among CSOs as well as next steps in the context after the elections.

Representatives of CSOs, community and citizen groups active around elections or just interested in the subject from Hungary and elsewhere, as well as journalists and experts are welcome to participate.

The project and the event is supported by the European Union’s Rights, Equality and Citizen programme. The organisers cover the costs accommodation and travel to international participants and those coming from greater distances.

The event is free to attend, but registration is needed – please register here!

The tentative agenda can be downloaded here - download agenda.

For more information contact: Veronika Móra,

Looking forward to seeing you!